Prior to a yoga or fitness holiday, I often here the following: I had planned to do a few more yoga classes, up the ante on my fitness routine and tidy up my diet. But it never happened:-( I’ve just had so much on.

In reality there is little point in berating yourself a few days before you head off, about what could have been. It is what it is. It’s now best to focus on the fact that you are getting away for a few days to reset, re-invigorate your body and soul and more often than not, these things fall into place when you’re away anyway.

For some, this is the first time, oftentimes in years, they get to consider themselves and their wellbeing. For some, it’s the very first time. A client said to me recently, ‘I thought things would fall apart at home if I went on a yoga weekend, but they didn’t, they had a great time and ultimately, I returned a better, stronger person to my family.’

So what simple steps can you take if it’s ‘lastminute’.com

  1. Rejoice and celebrate in the fact that you have gifted yourself this time away.
  2. Tell those you care about that you are taking a few days to yourself, and tell them you’ll have your phone off most of the day – agree to a time you will check-in, if you have family or loved ones you need to check on.
  3. Get a few good nights sleep as you will move more during your week away, so rest and recovery is key.
  4. If you are flying to your destination, stay hydrated and bring some healthy snacks for the flight – start as you mean to continue.
  5. Bring a journal and set some goals on your journey for the days ahead. Journaling is a really special thing to do when we take time out as thoughts and ideas will pop up.
  6. Express gratitude for this unique opportunity and acknowledge those that will facilitate your taking this time off.