The latest buzz about a particular food is bound to make a yogi smile, because many of the foods ‘of the moment’, have featured in the diet of a yogi for countless years. 

In a yoga inspired kitchen, you’ll find nut butters, herbs, spices, herbal teas and in the fridge,  kale, spinach, carrots, and beetroot, but not because someone signed up to the latest food trend, but in a yoga diet, these foods intuitively make sense. 

Eating well is viewed as one of the most important supports to yoga and yogis llike to eat well. After a class, you’ll generally find the group are looking for some great food. Nourishing the body is considered the cornerstone of keeping the mind and emotions in check. One way to think about this is to imagine devoting your days to a diet of nothing, but sugar and caffeine and imagine how you’d feel after.  It’s easy to see that a balanced, calm mind is much easier to come by if you commit yourself to nourishing your body properly. While there is no prescribed menu for yoga, the diet is about fresh ingredients and consuming foods that enhance clarity and lightness, keeping the body light and the mind clear.